About .hack(); 23

.hack(); '23 is the 4th edition of the flagship hackathon organised by IEEE MACE SB. This year we have 4 themes:

  • Automation
  • Environmental Care
  • Open Data
  • Fintech

There will be an online and an offline phase. The online phase will be an ideation round where participants have to submit their abstracts in one of the given themes. The selected participants from the online phase will compete in the offline round. The offline round will be an execution round where participants are given a problem statement for which they have to find a creative solution.

*The abstract submission round will be solely for the purpose of shortlisting. Final results will be based on the given problem statement. 


Visit Us

Website : hack23.ieeemace.org
Join our discord : discord.gg/JVTQYCfAEM


Abstract Submission : 18th August - 12th September

Hackathon : 22nd - 24th september



Location : Mar Athanasius College of Enigneering


What to build

Each Team has to submit their abstract based on one of the given themes:

Open Data

Embark on a Journey of Discovery: Where Data Meets Freedom!

Embrace the excitement of our data-focused hackathon, where you'll collaborate with fellow data enthusiasts to create tools, visualizations, and solutions that leverage open data to address real-world challenges.



Unlock the Future of Finance:

Engage in intricate puzzles inspired by real-world financial scenarios. Develop cutting-edge applications that enhance user experiences and revolutionize transactions. Collaborate with fellow hackers to craft fintech solutions that are secure, efficient, and transformative.



Unleash Innovation: Automate Tomorrow, Today!

Embrace the challenges of >. hack();_, where you'll collaborate with fellow enthusiasts to design, develop, and deploy automation-driven solutions that could reshape our digital landscape. Immerse yourself in a coding marathon where you'll design, build, and implement automation solutions that streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Environmental Care

Uncover the Secrets of Sustainable Code:

Decode puzzles inspired by real-world environmental challenges.Design innovative solutions that harness the power of technology for eco-friendly initiatives.Collaborate with like-minded hackers to tackle virtual quests with a green twist




All College / University Students are eligible for participating in the hackathon


Project and Submission Requirements

Each Team should submit their abstract with the following contents in pdf format

  • Team Name

  • Team Members

  • Project name

  • Brief description

  • Marketing aspect of the project


Contact Us

Krishnaprasad R : +91 8330859663

Hanna Elza John : +91 8921931121






Hackathon Sponsors


100,000 in prizes


1st Runner-Up

2nd Runner-Up

Best Sofware Project

Best Hardware Project

Best Amateur Project

Best Verbwire API User (5)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


.hack(); Judging Team

.hack(); Judging Team

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation and Creativity
    How novel and unique is the solution presented? Does the project demonstrate creative thinking and unique approaches to solving the problem?
  • Alignment with Themes
    To what extent does the project address the themes of open data, automation, environmental care, and fintech? How effectively does the project integrate and leverage these themes in a meaningful way?
  • Technical Complexity and Quality
    How technically sophisticated and well-executed is the solution? Does the project effectively utilize technologies and tools relevant to the themes?
  • Impact and Potential
    What potential impact does the project have on its intended audience or problem space? Does the solution have the potential to create positive change in the targeted domain?
  • Feasibility and Implementation
    How realistic is the project in terms of implementation, considering technical, logistical, and resource constraints? Are there clear steps outlined for moving from concept to actual deployment?
  • Overall Impression
    What is the overall impression of the project and its potential for success? How well does the project align with the hackathon's themes and goals?

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